About the Carla

Why  "Mostly Carla"? This name isn't because my artwork isn't 100% mine, it's because of a not so desirable job where I was assigned very unfulfilling work. Who was going to be doing the tedious mind-numbing work today? Mostly Carla. So in a meeting where my boss made that comment I couldn't help to think...Ya know, "Mostly Carla" kinda sounds badass. So I wrote it down in my "notes" and here we are!


About me pages are kinda boring so here are some

QUICK FACTS in comic sans!



I got random food sensitivities at the age of 24 from the PITS OF HELL, (facts).

I cook a lot, sleep very little but my cartoon intake is ON POINT.




I love the underdogs in animal kingdom so MUCH, shout out to some of my faves! Alligators, Turkey Vultures, Lizards, Crustaceans, Snakes, Bats, all Spiders, and Sea Monsters!  I relate to these guys so much, we all get each other.

I thoroughly enjoy dark and grotesque things, the more teeth, fleshy bits, and eyes randomly assorted madness the better.


I also enjoy roughhousing and getting my ass beat so I'm basically a 12-year-old boy at heart, sorry mom.

Something I wish I was good at is sewing, or at least being super crafty. Sometimes I can be crafty but I'm terribly impatient.

almost everything I own that matters is blue and that is not my favorite color.


Okay, that's about all the comic sans I can handle for now. Thanks so much for visiting my portfolio and for reading thing whole thing, damn, you deserve like, an award or something, maybe some Twizzlers... Be on the lookout for some rad shiz in the future.

-Mostly Carla 

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